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As of January 1, 2018, Bishop Michael Pryse has appointed the start of a leadership team for our ministry area. Building upon the work of our former dean, Pr. Martin Malina, and our OMALT members from previous years, our new team hopes to continue being Better Together as a wider community, living out God’s mission for the world.

Dean of Ottawa Ministry Area: Rev. JoAnne Lam

 Pr. JoAnne Lam completed her two-year call at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church at the end of December 2017. It ended with the merge between Mount Calvary Lutheran Church and German Martin Luther Church. Since then she is acting as dean of the ministry area, exploring areas of interests and enthusiasm to further develop a strategy for our ministry area. She will be continuing her doctoral studies at Saint Paul University in biblical studies in 2018.

Shortly after that, several meetings have led to the rising up of two leaders for our Ottawa Lutherans Youth initiative:

Ottawa Lutherans Youth Co-Chairpersons:

Julia and Marie-Laure have been active in the leadership with the youth in our ministry area. They have participated in leading the fundraising efforts for CLAY 2016 and ministry area activity planning. They are building on the foundational efforts of Ken Grahlman, who continues to be a consultant on the youth programming.

Julia and Marie-Laure are working closely with several volunteers from other congregations in the area including:

  • Rebecca Wong, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
  • Monica Sourial, Resurrection Lutheran

We are looking for volunteers who are interested in joining our leadership team and lending a hand in the following areas:

  • Communication (should be a sub-committee handling emails, social media, website updates)
  • Worship (ecumenical worship planning, global songs, Taizé service, resource sharing)
  • Pastoral Care Team (developing a spiritual care strategy for the ministry area, ecumenical partnership)
  • Visioning and Strategic Planning (three-year plan, performance evaluation, feedback and survey)